In this project, I regarded my network space as my main residency site. From the 15th of March to the 15th of April, I reviewed all the "projects" on my laptop, including my browsing Tab, favourites, shopping record, email inbox, searching history and other list actions on various platforms. They were classified and archived in the way of collection. For the outcome, I arranged and laid out these data in the form of physical publications and made them into a book called "Bibliography", which was displayed and interacted with the public in the catalogue of the CSM Library, and became an "event artwork" which permanent happening. Meanwhile, those people who read the book will also be recorded in this archive as part of an infinite list. Here, the book itself is a physical exhibition with a particular order of internal format installed in the library space. 

It is an event of intertextuality between online and offline. The existence of this book becomes the trigger point of the two space-time. Please trigger it by collecting the print book or downloading the e-book to read.







Xiaoyu Yu,